Q. Will it work?
A. Yes although the design of your Spanish house may be different to those in the UK the materials are basically the same, especially in the older house built of mud and stone. The new houses also have similar materials as in the concrete blocks, and the clay pots.

Q. What about the salt stains?
A. In some cases this can be solved by using a salt neutralizing solution. In heavily contaminated walls re-plastering is the only way.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Every house is different and would be priced accordingly. We will provide a free no obligation survey, report and estimate.

Q. Are the chemicals dangerous?
A. As with all chemicals care is needed but we only use the safest and most environmentally friendly available.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We are based in Almeria and cover the area between Malaga and Cartagena.

Q. Can it be done on a new property?
A. Yes although it does involve drilling holes in the base of the wall and ideally re-plastering.

Q. Is the work guaranteed?
A. Yes all our work is covered by long term guarantees.