Tanking is the common term for the application of a slurry to a wall to prevent the ingress of moisture from ground water under pressure (below ground).The Southern Spain Damp Proofing Co produce, a cement based water proofing slurry using a selection of fine quartz aggregates and active water proofing chemicals that will withstand the pressure of ground water against masonry walls.

We apply the slurry to the wall between layers of sand and cement rendering and because it is cement based it becomes part of the render and will not blister like bitumen based coatings. The slurry can also be applied to walls prior to cladding with tiles or marble to ensure that blistering does not occur. The slurry can be used on floors to form damp proof membranes without the need to dig up the old floor and replace with new concrete.

Many random stone and cob walls of a greater thickness than 800mm cannot be treated with chemicals for rising damp with confidence and the walls should have a water proofing slurry applied to protect the internal surface of the wall.