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Specialist damp control and timber treatment company based in Spain

Southern Spain Damp Proofing

We are a specialist damp control and timber treatment company with Many years experience in the remedial industry. You would not put up with a damp home in the UK so why would you in Spain!

We have been treating properties for damp and timber decay for nearly 30yrs in the UK and started treating property in Spain in 2001. We have built up a reputation for a prompt professional service and much of our client base can be attributed to the number of recommendations we receive. We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide. We will carry out all the re-instatement works if required or this can be done by your own builders if you prefer.


Damp Proofing

We will provide the salt inhibitors for the re-plastering and technical sheets and all the help and advice your builder needs to complete the contract. We are approved contractors for many of the major chemical suppliers and our experience will enable us to specify the correct form of treatment for your home.

Unlike some companies we do not give estimates over the phone. We will survey every property and give a full and detailed report and estimate free of charge and with no obligation, usually returned within 2 days. We will give accurate start finish dates with no hidden extras because we will have initially carried out a full and detailed survey. We give long term guarantees.

We have worked together with our specialist product providers and all our treatments have been adapted to suit the construction materials and techniques of Spanish houses. All our chemicals have a British Board of Agreement certificate and are the safest and most environmentally friendly presently on the market.

We do not sub contract any of our work, we only use our own trained and experienced technicians.

We treat the cause of the damp and not just hide it behind various wall coatings which will need re-doing every year or two. Don’t let people tell you that you don’t need a damp proof course in Spain. It is not just the plains where it rains in Spain.


What We Do


Silicone Injection