What We Do

Specialist damp control and timber treatment company based in Spain

What we do

Rising damp is one of the most serious forms of damp in buildings. It is caused by ground water rising, through capillary action, in the porous materials of which most walls are constructed. An effective damp proof course will prevent moisture from rising, although very few houses in Spain have this installed at the time of construction. Southern Spain Damp Proofing Company has a range of systems available, allowing us to treat almost any type of wall construction.

Properties that have suffered from rising damp usually need a certain amount of specialist re-plastering to eliminate the secondary problem of salt contamination of the plaster. These hydroscopic salts if not removed will continue to degrade any new plaster. Southern Spain Damp Proofing Company has the expertise to eradicate these salts.

We are also able to install a Damp Proof Course on any new build regardless of the stage of construction.

This photograph shows a rising damp problem, any attempt at decorating over this will fail you will waste your time and money. The effective treatment here is to remove the old plaster and rendering and to inject the wall every 10cm along the length of the wall, from both sides were possible using a pressure pump and lance that forces the fluid into the wall. The treated wall will be rendered with a sand and cement mix that also contains a salt inhibitor additive.

A plaster finish can be applied to give the wall the desired finish before decorating . Out team can give your wall the finish you require using materials ranging from traditional Lime Mortars in keeping with the period perhaps, or flat and ready for wallpapering using modern materials.

Here we can see the hacking off of the salt contaminated original plaster and rendering on a stairway this is very labour intensive and must be completed to a high standard.

A good job done here will ensure all the salt contaminated plaster is removed and make for an effective treatment.

Any structural repairs required should be made now before we go on to the next process.

Drilling. As you can see in this picture new walls in new or old buildings can be effectively treated, also here we space the holes in the pots at 14cm as these walls are constructed in clay bricks which are very porous, on old stone walls the spacing is 10cm and they will be treated from both sides of thick walls to ensure a continuous damp proof course across the width of the wall

Here we see the injection lance being used on an old wall that has been re-rendered, the injection treatment will seal both the bricks and the render and the treatment will not prevent or stain any decorative finish applied later. All re-plastering must be to our specification incorporating a salt inhibitor. The silicone injection fluid is pumped in at pressures up to 120psi depending on the type of materials used to construct the wall.